Data Driven Digital Marketing. 

critically optimized. 

carefully targeting your audience.

XLR8 Digital is not your typical online marketing shop. 

We are scientifically trained, creative & passionate about developing solutions to your unique set of marketing challenges & opportunities. We provide executive level consulting to reveal your market opportunities in Search Engine Marketing and support complex integrations across the most critical, targeted & proven online marketing channels. 

We are not an outsourced commodity - we're your trusted agency partner.

Find out more about how your company can achieve more from their marketing budget this year. Read on to learn about our Digital Discovery.

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Elia kopreski

Founder, CEO & CMO

Founder & CEO. Elia has been a marketing professional for 19 years and a certified Google Partner for 6 years. She is XLR8 Digital’s in-house Digital Marketing Expert, Training Coordinator & Lead Technical Sales Consultant. Elia has a diverse educational background in sales & marketing and a dual B.S. degree in International Affairs and Marine Biology with a minor in Spanish.

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Dr. Ryan Paul

VP Operations & Finance

Ryan holds a Ph.D from the University of NH and has expertise in scientific research & computation. His systems & marketing experience in product development and experience as an educator has provided a broad basis for technical communication to a wide audience with various levels of understanding.

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matt afon

Senior Marketing Strategist

Matt is a self starter, motivator, and leader. With several years in the digital marketing space, he has extensive experience from a variety of industries. He aspires to be a very well rounded marketing guru that can resolve any technical issue, strategize to get the maximum ROI, and optimize to bring performance to peak capabilities.

Meet Elia, XLR8 Founder & CEO.

Elia has over 20 years of combined experience in Science & Marketing and works directly with our clients on their customized digital marketing strategy. She can also provide direct training & support for your team.

does your Company know its DIGITAL FOOTPRINT?

“A Digital Discovery starts with a brief consultation call and provides a digital marketing strategic roadmap”

Our years of combined scientific research in Biology, Environmental Science, Neuroscience, Biochemistry & Organic Chemistry has collectively taught us one very important concept...

"You don't know what you don't know"

It's one thing to go "searching for a needle in a haystack" if you know for a fact that the needle is in there! We know that you already know a lot about your customers and we don't pretend there is a one-size-fits all marketing solution. You don't fish for whales with a net and there's no need to bring a harpoon on a shrimpin' boat...

Our customized Digital Discovery starts with a quick, free consultation call to collect preliminary data about your business and marketing goals. Then we survey the relevant online landscape to reveal your Digital Footprint & market opportunities. 

We will provide an in-depth report that includes:

  • Website On-Page & Technical SEO Audit  
  • Multichannel Competitor Landscape
    • Keyword Rankings & Opportunities
      • Google Search, Display & Video Market Size
        • Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Ads Audit

As your marketing agency partner - our Digital Discovery will arm us with the key data & metrics to plan out a customized strategy that is more likely to target your highest opportunities and stay well within your budget. Whatever you decide - you always keep your data and we are committed to remaining transparent in every step.


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Frequently Asked Questions & Common Client Concerns

  • How Much Do You Cost? / I Don't Have a Big Enough Marketing Budget!

    Honestly, what company does have a big enough marketing budget? We totally get that! That is why we have value-added partner packages that can fit even a meager budget. And if you have people that are ready to put in some sweat-equity then we are definitely a good fit for you! We can customize support & training to bring your team up-to-speed on some of the costly tedium so we can maximize your dollars by focusing on strategy development & integration.

  • Do You Do SEO, Social Media? / I'm Not Sure What I Need!

    This is why we designed our robust Digital Discovery. Frankly, we are usually more concerned with folks that have their mind made up too early in the needs analysis! We are a team of trained scientists turned marketers - so we believe that careful observation, measurement & data collection are the only way to get an understanding of your best online marketing opportunities. Of course there isn't always a way to measure performance, so we still make assumptions & use models and estimates - and we don't hide any of it! 

  • What market niches do you serve? / I want someone who understands my industry!

    We don't claim to be a jack-of-all-trades, but we are no "one-trick-pony" either. We have served clients in a variety of industries including science & technology, health & wellness, arts & entertainment, education and real-estate just to name a few. We have worked with large, global corporations; small, family-owned businesses & personal consultants. As a team, we've worn a lot of hats over the years that give us a wide reach of competence. We were regular geeks before we were digital marketing geeks!

  • Do you require a long-term contract? / I don't know if I'm ready to commit!

    Don't worry, we are not going to move-in forever unless you ask us to. We generally work with a minimum 6 month contract but are always willing to look for a solution if you have cold-feet. The truth is that it is kind of case-by-case since each client's needs will differ and development and execution timelines may vary significantly as a result. Regardless, we are problem solvers - not problem makers! We'll prove it - book a call with us so we can show you first-hand how committed we are to your success.

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