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Pharmaceuticals & Drug Discovery

Developing a new drug to treat a disease is only half the story. The creation of medicines for healthcare practitioners to administer and prescribe is just as important as educating those same healthcare practitioners.  We can help you pull out the key benefits you offer and communicate them to support your business efforts.

With evolving collaboration models, financing and advancing technologies in the drug discovery business, there are always novel approaches, techniques or products to talk about - which is why we love working with drug discovery companies.

From the latest protein crystallography or high content analysis techniques to genome-wide screening and ion channel research, we understand it and can help your intended audience to as well. We would love to talk with you about how
we can help you market your new drug discovery offering.



Medical Devices & Equipment

From endoscopes and imaging tools to implants and dose-delivery systems, we are keeping up-to-date to maintain a solid understanding of the frequently complex medical device & equipment market.

With stakeholders including payers, patients, advocacy groups, doctors, technicians, nurses, regulators, support staff, government agency management, procurement departments and more, you need to consider who you are targeting, what constraints they are working with, and how you will encourage them to take action.

We can help you identify the key people you need to connect with, before working with you to set and execute your strategy.  Most importantly, we know how to adjust the drive and depth of your messaging to suit each targeting audience, so our combined communications efforts will always resonate.
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