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Meet Elia, XLR8 team leader.

Elia has over 20 years of combined experience in Science & Marketing and works directly with our clients on their customized digital marketing strategy. She can also provide direct training & support for your team.

Marketing To Scientists & Engineers is About Looking Closely at the Data & Analytics.

If you are marketing to scientists or engineers, then your job isn't easy.  The way scientists buy has changed, and that means your marketing has to change as well.

Remember print ads, billboards, exhibitor events, tv ads etc?  You probably know that those traditional advertising methods just won't get you good enough, cost effective results anymore, let alone, they are very hard to measure. But neither will newer tactics, like a good webinar to gather leads, without effectively gathering and tracking the data and analytics.

It turns out that your customers are just like us. They don't like being interrupted, they are not interested in marketing hype, and if your company wants their attention, respect and money, you have to earn it. So if your approach still relies mainly on old school interruption tactics (or disrupt marketing) you can expect ever decreasing results.

Digital Marketing For Scientific Companies by Scientists

It's time to throw out the old playbook and embrace inbound marketing to attract the right leads and nurture them into sales-ready leads. Inbound marketing does have a lot of “moving parts” and tracking leads may sound pretty complicated. There are many aspects to consider:

  • Website Traffic Analytics
  • Blogging & Social Campaigns
  • Keyword Density, Content Creation
  • Email Marketing, Automation & Drip Campaigns
  • High quality, relevant Traffic Acquisition
  • Multichannel Lead Generation Strategies, Nurturing and more…

Seriously, you’ve got enough to worry about than the dizzying pace of online marketing.



 Let XLR8 Digital do the Heavy Lifting for You!

As a specialist digital marketing agency working with Science & Engineering Companies, our team is fluent in the languages that your customers speak. We combine PhD & Masters degrees in science with decades of marketing experience to offer integrated inbound & outbound digital marketing services with data analytics that drive results for science & engineering companies.

We engage and nurture your targeted audience with content that is scientific and make sure your message and brand is there in the moment they are looking for you.  

We attract your audience right into your company's sphere of influence while customer journey programs nurture your leads with useful and educational information speckled with your product messaging.

Our expert staff works together with your team to provide full service digital marketing strategies and tactics to deliver with minimal impact on your bandwidth to pour in sales-ready leads. This is modern marketing for the science & engineering sector that works in today's environment. Let's make it work for you.

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We’ll Help Your Team:

  • Gather customer insights & queries
  • Establish a unique position in the science & engineering markets.
  • Develop your brand platform, company core messages, and strategic buyer personas.
  • Set SMART marketing goals for 2020-2021 and how to achieve them
  • Leverage tactics to raise awareness of your scientific company, products and services
  • Generate more leads and nurture them into customers.

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We'd love to get to know you better! Marketing in the digital age requires a patchwork of skills and a team that has a broad range of experience that aligns with yours. With a little information about your business, we can start putting the puzzle pieces in place.

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